Monday, May 9, 2011

Is this thing on?

I'm back!  Just had a week-long vacation and I'm feeling refreshed and focused and ready to tackle this blog again.  Sorry for disappearing...

So, it's Spring!  How did that happen?  My wardrobe has been full of black for so long that I'm finally ready to add some actual color into my life.  Here are some of the items I've already acquired to accomplish this mission.  Just the beginning, I'm sure.

I knew I had to have this striped t-shirt as soon as I saw it in the May J.Crew catalog.  It is now mine and I plan to wear it a lot!

Perfect-fit stripe snap tee in Autumn Blaze

I heart this oversized clutch from Zara so much.  Mostly because it's big and bright and sassy (also comes in blue, green and yellow)!  I will be carrying it as much as possible in the coming months for a fun splash of color!

Zara clutch

I've also become slightly obsessed with this controversial polish (to the controversy: can I get a big WHO CARES?!).  It's much brighter than my usual shades, but I sort of love it and am currently wearing it on my toes.

Essie Peep Show - Available in J.Crew stores


  1. Love that tee. And I need to get that polish. I could not care less about the controversy, but the color I kind of love. Glad to see you made it back from your trip with some sanity left!

  2. Hooray you're baaaack! I love the orange.....but you knew that!


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